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Geometrical illusions are examples of how our mind tries to find orderly representation out of ambiguous, disordered 2D images. The images transmitted to our brain from our retina are an imperfect representation of reality; our visual system is capable of processing the information received from our eyes to extract meaningful perceptions. However, this can sometimes go wrong, leading to faulty perceptions.

Illusion of Position: Poggendorff Illusion

The Poggendorff illusion is an image where thin diagonal lines are positioned at an angle behind wider stripes. The blue line on the right appears to line up with the black line on the left, however in actuality, the black and red lines match up.

File:Poggendorff illusion.svg Source:

Illusion of Length: Müller-Lyer illusion

The Muller-Lyer illusion is a well-known optical illusion in which two lines of the same length appear to be of different lengths.

Source: Wikipedia

Illusions of Orientation

Zöllner illusion

In this illusion, the…

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