Plagues: The Microscopic Battlefield (Science Comics)


Plagues: The Microscopic Battlefield (Science Comics), by Falynn Koch

Synopsis: Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic—dinosaurs, coral reefs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more. These gorgeously illustrated graphic novels offer wildly entertaining views of their subjects. Whether you’re a fourth grader doing a natural science unit at school or a thirty-year-old with a secret passion for airplanes, these books are for you!

This volume: In PLAGUES, we get to know the critters behind history’s worst diseases. We delve into the biology and mechanisms of infections, diseases, and immunity, and also the incredible effect that technology and medical science have had on humanity’s ability to contain and treat disease.

Published: August 2017 | ISBN: 9781626727526 | Ages: 9-13 years

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Paperback Edition: Science Comics: Plagues: The Microscopic Battlefield
Kindle Edition: Science Comics: Plagues: The Microscopic Battlefield

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