Special Relativity & the Nature of Time


Hello RTU readers! Apologies for the extended silence. I am currently studying for a MSc degree in Theoretical Physics which is proving to be rather time consuming. As such, unfortunately my writing will be on hold for a little while. In the mean-time, as I know many of you enjoyed my many previous posts on the nature of time I thought I would link you to my dissertation on the topic, which goes by the rather wordy title;

‘In light of the theory of Special Relativity is a Passage of Time and the argument of the Presentist untenable?’

The paper elucidates on the ideas i’ve touched on here at RTU in the past, beginning with the philosophical notion of the present moment and then introducing the mathematics of Special Relativity to deconstruct the nature of time. Conclusions are then drawn on whether we must abandon our familiar notion of the present moment due to the implications of theory. In a nutshell Special Relativity postulates observers moving at different speeds can measure the time interval between events to be different – not good for our common belief of a unique ticking of time!

The paper is fairly long but seeing as I won’t be posting for a little while perhaps some of you may be glad of it. I hope the piece is accessible in both the physics and philosophy content but if there are any questions on the content and ideas please drop me a message below and I will find a time to answer!

Link: https://philpapers.org/archive/DHEILO.pdf

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